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Mid County Pool and Spa is a family owned and operated pool cleaning company with a very experienced staff. We specialize in residential and commercial pool cleaning services, preventative maintenance, repairs and salt system conversions. We are one of the leading pool cleaning companies in SWFL.

We provide honest, dependable and prompt service with superior attention to detail. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and value customer feedback. 

Our technician are professionally trained in both residential and commercial pool maintenance with years of experience.


Let us take care of all your pool needs and take the worry out of owning a pool. 


Contact us today!

(239) 390-0930


Maintaining a commercial pool is a big responsibility. Mid County Pool & Spa takes pride in caring for the health and safety of all resident and simmers by diligently maintaining proper water balance and care of equipment. Commercial pool equipment is expensive and needs to be maintained properly. Keeping an eye on some key areas will help reduce major maintenance issues.

If you are interested in our commercial pool services please call and ask for Eric. We will be happy to share references from current commercial customers upon request.

(239) 390-0930



We offer several plan to fit your pool needs.
All plans include:
  • Test and adjust water chemistry

  • Inspect pool equipment

  • Brush pool walls and steps

  • Empty the traps and skimmers

  • Clean pump basket

  • Check for bacteria 

  • Backwash and recharge filter as needed

  • Notify you of any problems with the equipment and propose repair

Call us today to sign up for weekly pool service.

(239) 390-0930




Some benefits of salt water systems:

Gentle on Eyes and Skin. Chlorine levels are generally lower with a salt generator. People who are sensitive to chlorine often report fewer irritations when using these pools.

Safer Than Chlorine. In tablet or liquid form, chlorine can be dangerous to store and transport. Studies have shown that chlorinated water may also pose a long-term health risk,

“Soft Water” Feel. If you have a water softener in your home, you know that the addition of salt makes water feel smooth and silky to the touch – like rain water. 

Less Maintenance. Pool maintenance is more “hands-off” with a salt water system, as the salt cell simply produces chlorine as needed. That said, you still have to monitor chlorine levels periodically to make sure everything is working properly.

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